Saturday, August 21, 2010

The frustrations of cup stacking

Aunt Ali gave Lincoln stacking cups for his First Birthday. He loves them. They’re one of his favorite toys and can keep him occupied for impressive time-spans. However lately I’ve started building towers for him and while he loves the final product he hates it when they fall over or when he can’t balance the top cup on top. He gets really frustrated and the following is the result. It kinda freaked me out the first time…but now I just think it’s pretty cute.

Focused, concentrating, building the tower.


So happy and proud of himself when it’s complete.


But when the tower falls….watch out. Lincoln gets very upset.

IMG_6116IMG_6115 IMG_6113 IMG_6109IMG_6111


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...

Cry baby, cry!!


DC Diva said...

That is pretty funny. I love how you call him "my sweet angel" while he's pitching a fit.

He's grown up SO much since we've last seen him! You can tell he's really trying to talk. He's totally telling you (or the tower) off. He knows what he's saying. We just don't know what he's saying.

Oh and way to "match his emotions."

I'm glad he still expresses happiness w/ kicking legs.

Harley King said...

Grammy's primary responsibility when she arrives in two weeks:

keep the frickin' tower from falling over.

Ali Snow said...

I'm so happy he likes them so much and they can bring instant joy AND instant tears. Normally kids laugh when the tower falls over and makes a big noise...but not Lincoln. Enjoy!

Lisa Weiler said...

it sounds like he is casting a spell when he cries and whimpers and mumbles under his breath. it seems a little mysterious to me

Laurel said...

Could he be any cuter? I love all his facial expressions you captured.

Heather Ross said...

Lincoln is too funny. I love how he gets all angry and just starts throwing the cups when the tower falls.

Mom said...

Oh my Binks, Oh my Binks.

Mike and Allie Vedomske said...

Cute! Little Lincoln has gotten so big! Wish you still lived here so he and Cameron could have playdates now that they're getting so old! And especially when #2 comes along! We miss you guys! Good luck with the new little guy!

Erin Gibbons said...

Hey Cheryl, I found your blog! (I know you gave me the address when you came over, but anyway.) I hope things are going well with you and that the arrival of Baby #2 isn't as scary as it might seem. It's definitely different than having your first child, but kind of less stressful in a lot of ways too, so that's good! (Emily did however, get her first taste of cookies at approximately 4 days old, thanks to Calvin!) Hope all goes well and can't wait for pictures of the new baby!