Thursday, June 10, 2010

Livin' in the Burgh.

Here she be. Our new Pittsburgh Residence. Pretty ugly on the outside...but so much bigger than anything we've ever rented and not so bad on the inside now that I've got all my stuff set up and hung. It's amazing what a difference putting all your things up makes for a place!

We debated and debated about what to do with our computer. Didn't want it in the den because come the end of August that's where the new baby will be, and our room and the kitchen didn't have room for it, so it's in the living room which has worked out pretty well thus far.

This wall still needs some major work. I think I might actually be okay with Ryan getting a new flat screen TV which he's wanted forever simply because I hate how messy this looks currently. If we get a big screen we'll put it up in front of the mirror, move the old TV downstairs (yay for aerobics space) and clear up all that space in the corner. I'm also planning on rearranging all the selves. I want to get a bunch of tall vases and decorative things for this area. I'm tired of my frames.

Love the Kitchen. It's huge!

The rest you can see on the video. Lincoln's room is exactly the same as it was in Charlottesville...which you can see here if you so desire. Our room, the den and the bathroom are nothing special, and the basement is ugly, but BIG!!

It feels great to be moved in and mostly settled. There's still a few things to get (new kitchen rug, glider for Lincoln's room, Big screen TV) but for the most part we're settled. I'm nervous for Ryan to start work next week leaving me with Lincoln all day but it's inevitable. The ward here was great and a ton of young family's live in the neighborhood so I'm sure we'll do least until the end of the summer when Baby number 2 arrives.



DC Diva said...

Where to begin?

I miss Lincoln. He learned his belly?!

I'm jealous of your space. I want to come visit.

That basement is great! You will dance/work your heart out down there. Perfect!

That bathroom is hideous. Oh my.

Love the big kitchen.

You bought a washer/dryer! So adult!

Did you buy a lawn mower?

Sad you had to leave your glider. I forgot that wasn't yours. I hear Costco has good affordable ones.

I'm very impressed you're unpacked and decorated so soon! Didn't you just move a week ago? It takes me MONTHS before I feel that settled/look that good.

Let's phone date tomorrow, yes? I miss you! It's been too long (my fault, I know).

Heather Ross said...

Your new place is really cute! I'm impressed at how settled in you are. Loved seeing Lincoln's "tricks". What a smart little guy he is!

Michelle, Shelly, Sheller, Geller, Shelly G said...

I LOVE the video! I love getting to go inside your house! I miss you. Love your face.

The Harrisons said...

I think the place looks great! The video wasn't working for me though so I couldn't see everything. That just means we have to come visit you!!

Mom said...

Great house. I have a feeling the next year will fly by and you will be sad to leave the Burgh.

Good luck to Ryan as you start work next week and to you and Lincoln as well.

Can't wait to see you in September

Dave and Tracy said...

Your house is so cute! I can't wait to see it in person in the fall!

Lynnette said...

I wanna come and stay :)
But not in the summer heat.
We'll visit in the fall.