Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey Soul Sista

Oh how I’ll miss my Charlottesville girlfriends.  They were my sisters when my real sisters were states away.  I learned so much from each of them and they have all touched my life and heart in very special ways.  Here are a few of the wonderful girls I was blessed to know in Charlottesville. 


IMG_5589       IMG_5709 IMG_5706    IMG_5804

IMG_5705IMG_5704 IMG_5590

And here’s the bug….can’t seem to post with-out sneaking a few in of his happy, chubby little face.  Love you BUG!!!IMG_5827



DC Diva said...

Great new layout!

I think I'm w/ mom and dad... Lincoln is SO CUTE but maybe needs a little trim. Bug was 10 months old for his first haircut... from you!

Like Ali, you need to change your pictures so they blow up HUGE when I click on them. Figure out how to do it so I can examine all your fab pics more closely.

I am so happy you had such wonderful friends in C-ville. You are a wonderful friend so you deserved it and I know you're already finding it again in P-burg.

Love that Lincoln is eating a McDonald's cup. I'd like to think I introduced him to Mickey-Ds.

hi! said...

I really like the new layout! I'm sure you will make lots of new great gf's in the burgh. Bug is so cute.


Michelle, Shelly, Sheller, Geller, Shelly G said...

I can't get enough of him!!! he is so darn cute!~Loves

Mom said...

Love the new layout and your computer set up on the glass table!

Dave and Tracy said...

I'm ready for girls trip 2011! Miss you so much!

Ali Snow said...

He's so cute and chunky. Awesome that he's eating McDonalds :)