Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eden's Nursery

I finally finished Eden's nursery and I love how it all turned out.  My mom is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and MADE the crib cushions and skirt, the quilt on the big rocking chair, fuzzy blanket in the basket next to the crib and the cushion on the small rocking chair.  Such labors of love.  She also painted the changing table, rocking chair and lamp purple.  And she helped me make the hand and foot prints.  My friends are also incredible.  Audrey made me the adorable bunting flags, and Megan made the gorgeous wreath.  My other friend Heather made Eden's name above her crib.  So basically I 100 percent owe this nursery to my friends and my mom.  Oh and that little baby on the cup on the shelf...another friend Julie made that out of fondant.  It was on the top of a gorgeous cake that she made for my baby shower.  Am I lucky or what?

Also we finally put the boys beds together and hung some curtains (the mattresses have been on the floor for a while) so there room is completely done now too.  Yay for decor!! :)


Jill said...

Love the decor! You have done a fabulous job. I'm super impressed that you have managed all that with three kids.

Mom said...

So fun to see it all come together! The color combinations in both the nursery and boys room are fun and fresh. I LOVE SEEING EDEN in her nursery and the BOYS in their room. Thanks for letting me work on these projects with you, I had fun.

DC Diva said...

Oh wow, where to begin?

Love Lincoln 1/2 nakey w/ backpack. So great to finally have those beds up. Looks great!

LOVE seeing Eden all over her room, esp. in the big rocking chair. She looks like a little doll.

The flags look SO good. You did a great job hanging them.

Did you paint that mug purple? The chair cushion... is that what mom's been working on for you?


Love, love, love her vinyl name on the wall. Do you just sit in there and enjoy? That's what I like to do w/ new rooms... esp. nurseries. Mine needs a redo...

Heather said...

I love the rooms! I can't do anything cute with Bradford and Warren's room because Bradford rips everything off the walls. He pulls out drawers and throws clothes everywhere. Then he stands on drawers using them as stools and ladders to do his badness and breaks them. And poor Warren is still sleeping in a pack n play in our guest room while the crib lays empty. But enough about my home decor drama.

I love finding cute little Eden in all of the nursery pics. Didn't you do something similar with Lincoln? Beautiful colors and details.

Lisa LaBanc said...

That looks so good! You have very nice people who love you and have great taste. I really like the letters above the crib. And she looks so cute in the room! She looks very much like a Harris I think.

Mike said...

Oh Eden ... You need to come and visit me. Or I guess I will come and visit you.

Love Grandpa

Heather said...

Hi Cheryl! The nursery looks fantastic! I'm Heather and I have a quick question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)