Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surprise visit from my sisters and Dad

A couple weeks ago I had such a fun surprise. My sisters and dad and their 3 babies showed up at my door from Utah and D.C. and stayed with me for a week! It was so fun! 5 babies under two and a half. I was kind of exhausted by the end but wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a little too tired and busy to blog the whole thing and my sister Ali already did it so I'm just going to tell you to click here to read about and see pictures of all our family fun.


Heather Ross said...

I loved your sister's post! Your family is wonderful. Can I please be a member of your family? Maybe a long-lost cousin? What a great surprise and what wonderful fun to get all of the kiddo cousins together. Bradford is the lone child from his generation on ALL sides of the family. Hopefully some day he'll have some buds to take cute pajama pictures with. Also, I love that your dad's life-long dream was to take his grandkids to the zoo. That's pretty much my dream too.

Billy and Nikki said...

so cute! i got his announcment today! so cute!