Monday, March 22, 2010

Match Day Maddness!

So it's official. It is so official it was in the newspaper. We're headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June for Ryan's intern year of residency. It was a crazy whirl-wind of a week coming to that conclusion but now that it's stamped and confirmed I'm starting to get used to the idea and even a little excited. I've loved Charlottesville and all the wonderful friends I've made and people I've known, but I'm embracing the adventure of a new city. We could be there one year....we could be there 5 years....we could be there for the rest of our lives. Time will tell. So far good things I've learned include it's quite affordable to live there, family friendly, big, awesome hospital and medical program, and cheaper to fly from there to Utah than it is from Charlottesville. Some of the negatives are I wish it were warmer year round, it's pretty polluted, and hard to navigate (thank goodness for the GPS). For now Carpe Diem! That's the attitude I'm adopting. Hopefully I'll still feel that way in six months. Congratulations Ryan. You make me proud!


Mom said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of all of you!

lys said...

Congrats. I love that Lincoln is sporting the BYU shirt. ;)

DC Diva said...

Oh we really need to talk!

You guys were in the newspaper??

Congrats to Ryan!!! I'm happy you'll still be (semi) close.

Lincoln is so cute.

Wein said...

I can't believe how big that picture is in the newspaper! yayyyyy congrats :)

Dave and Tracy said...

I'm so excited for you guys! But we are going to miss you sooo much!