Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween and Blessing Day!!

This has been such a great week. So many fun Halloween festivities all week long in beautiful Charlottesville and then Lincoln's blessing day yesterday. The blessing was wonderful. Some of our good friends from work and school who aren't members of the church were able to join us and the spirit was very strong. Ryan and I both bore our testimonies and thanked Heavenly Father for Lincoln and the wonderful blessing he is in our lives.

Lincoln wore the same outfit Uncle Harley cousin Anderson wore on their blessing days. Thanks Kings.

Wendy Harley and Anderson came up for the weekend. We had a great time at Carter mountain and trick or treating that night.

On Friday Ryan, Lincoln and I went trick or treating on the Lawn at UVA. For four years I've been hearing how fun this is and I finally experienced it myself this year. It was packed with a million kids and families all dressed up and in the Halloween spirit. I was a little embarrassed because Ryan actually wanted to collect candy for Lincoln. Obviously Lincoln can't eat candy, so basically it was Ryan, a 28 year old, holding a baby to collect candy for himself. I watched from the wings.

This year we were all Greek Gods. Lincoln was baby Hercules. Scroll down for family pics.

Lincoln was pretty tired from all that trick-or-treating and candy.

We also went to two great Halloween parties and had a blast.

Zoro and Princess

Siamese Twins

Mother Earth and Father Time
Ed and Jillian from last seasons "The Bachelorette"
Emily and John in 30 years if they keep gaining weight at the rate they did over the past year.
Kelly and Zach from "Saved by the Bell"

And finally the Greek Gods Zeus, Athena and Baby Hercules. Thanks mom for the costumes. Your the worlds greatest seamstress!

Rarely do I cook and never to I cook creatively so I was really proud of my pumpkin bean dip pictured above.


The Harrisons said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love everyones' costumes. Lincoln is getting bigger! I love the picture of him in a sugar coma.

Wein said...

How fun! You guys look soooo good :) How fun that Lincoln wore that same baby blessing onesie! I can't believe how old he looks/is

Kimberly Porter said...

All of you are having some good times this year! I wish I was with you. Congratulations on Lincoln's blessing. You look like a very happy family.

Ali Snow said...

LOVE the bean dip. Very creative! You guys all look so great, especially in your costumes. You need to teach Lincoln to look at the camera. Wish we could have been there with you guys!

Heather Ross said...

The picture of Lincoln surrounded by candy is so cute. As far as Ryan trick or treating for candy goes- Jeremy plans to do the exact same thing next year with our baby :) Jeremy doesn't even eat that much candy anyway, which is the funny part.

DC Diva said...

Love that pic of Lincoln and the candy. Love Kelly & Zach. So great. What a wonderful weekend.

Debbie said...

Love the costumes! How fun :)

Mom said...

Loved all the pictures, I can't get enough. You looked so great in your costumes and the lightening bolt is a great addition.

lys said...

Your Greek costumes are awesome. You make a perfect goddess!

Mike said...

Great pictures and party. I am going to have to get Lincoln and a pair of scissors introduced. Loved the fat couple (especially her butt) and the Kiss couple. Congratulations Lincoln Ryan Harris on your blessing.
love Dad

Harley King said...

We had a killer weekend.

My faves:

Sunday with the blessing.
Saturday with the candy and the Chinese food.