Wednesday, October 7, 2009

U2 Concert

When Ryan told me he was going to invite his sister Alesha and her husband Toby to come visit us and go to the U2 concert all the way from Boise, Idaho, I was doubtful that they really would but to my surprise they accepted the invitation! Not only did they come spend a week with us out East, Alesha drove all the way from Boise to Charlottesville with Ryan. I was so relieved when she offered because I was incredibly nervous for him to do it by himself. Thanks Alesha!!

The concert was awesome! It was outside at the UVA football stadium. The stage and screen were unbelievable.

US and Alesha and Toby

We meet some of our law school friends there and sat with them. I love these guys. We had so much fun with them. From left to right - Desiree, Chuck, Danielle, Brad, Ryan and me.

Ryan also found some Med school friends. I'm pretty sure half of Charlottesville and UVA was at the concert.


The Harrisons said...

Awe, I miss those guys and Charlottesville! It looks like it was fun! That's awesome they had it at the football stadium.

DC Diva said...

Fun! I'm glad you went to this concert. I can think of another concert you should REALLY go to next week...

It's nice to see you back w/ your great C-ville peeps again. :)

Heather Ross said...

We were at the concert too! Such a fun night :)

Wein said...

so fun